Results from the Sichtungstraining 03.03.2012:

We want to promote the sport and enduro offer every young driver the possibility of active
free promotion. In collaboration with and other sponsors, we can start
2012 a grant offer.

Prerequisite for the promotion
– Aged 16 and 25 Years
– Registered in an off-road racing series (SOC,IGE,GCC, or similar)
– Participation in Sichtungstraining and qualification under the TOP 2
– own offroad motorcycle

When is the promotion?
On Mar 03 2012, 09:00 Clock is, on the motocross track in Flöha, the sighting place.
It is also performed a fitness test on the same day in Flöha.
For both skilled then the other training organized.

What does the promotion?
– joint training of basic technology to optimize the driving technique on routes
– Motorcycle optimization
– Training plan for the base fitness and race preparation
– ggf. Support of sponsors (Material, Accessories, Clothing)

Expiry, Schedule?
09.30 Clock
Meet at the motocross track (MC Flöha - Vogeltal)
Welcome & Presentation of the helper team
Announcement of the Day Program
Application, Grouping & Number Assignment

10.00 Clock
Preparation for Driving Test (Move, Motorcycle make ready to go)

10.15 Clock
Start of the driving test (3 Disciplines: Crosstest, Enduro test and endurance test),
everything is gezeitet.

12.30 – 13.30 Clock
Lunchtime, self catering

13.45 Clock
Beginning with a fitness test at the sports ground in Flöha
(Turner Street 8 ) Changing rooms and showers available

as 15.00 Clock
Evaluation and notification of qualified riders
at the sports ground in Flöha (in bad weather in the sports hall)

Subsequently individual departure.

List of Participants:

Attendee List for Sichtungstraining MotoCross / Enduro

1.) Tom Bartelt
2.) Patrick Donath
3.) Benny Ehrig
4.) Luke Fröhner
5.) Rick Gründig
6.) Luke Reichstein
7.) Michael Röhrl
8.) Rico Schobert
9.) Yanik Spachmüller
10.) Patrick Strelow
11.) Mike Uhe
12.) Etienne Ulbricht
13.) Sören Vollhardt



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